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" Alma"

Introducing a stunning 36" diameter walnut wood chandelier adorned with elegant gold gilding in the circles, complemented by smart LED mood lighting. You have the freedom to customize it to the finish of your choice, with the option for gold or silver gilding. For a different look, you can also opt for a metal version featuring laser-cut metal in the finish of your choosing.

Alma Chandelier Made to Order
Alma Chandelier - Metta Meditation Studio

Introducing the captivating 'Romance' Chandelier, a breathtaking 28" diameter light fixture that exudes elegance and charm. This exquisite piece showcases clear round orbs finished in luxurious gold, creating a mesmerizing visual spectacle. You can personalize the illumination with your choice of LED strip lights or LED bulbs, along with a finish of your choice allowing you to tailor the chandelier to perfectly complement your design preferences.

Romance Chandelier - Made to Order
Romance Chandelier - made to order


This 28-inch diameter chandelier features clear, petite, delicate leaves that create the illusion of spring and rebirth. It is illuminated with LED strip lights and comes in an elegant antique silver finish. Additionally, it is fully customizable to accommodate your specific design preferences, including the option to choose from other finishes and your choice of LED strip or LED bulbs.

Primavera Chandelier Made to Order
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