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Meet Elizabeth

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Elizabeth Palma, a proud California native with a passion for design that has been ingrained in me since childhood. My journey started at a young age, creating furniture for my Barbies, and has evolved into a lifelong commitment to design. I refined my skills in retail by selling furniture and as an in-house interior designer to boost sales.


As my career progressed, I gained experience in various fields, always seeking hands-on training to enhance my adaptability. Working alongside a furniture creator reignited my passion. Witnessing artisans handcraft each piece of furniture, lighting, and upholstery was a transformative experience that inspired the inception of De Alma Casa.


At De Alma Casa, we strive to embody everything I love about design by partnering with skilled artisans to bring designs to life. Working closely with different designers to realize their visions is a cherished privilege. I aim to elevate each piece into a masterpiece that authentically represents the artisans' exceptional craftsmanship in every handcrafted item.  I am dedicated to continually advancing my passion for design, bringing boundless inspiration to life, and immersing myself in exciting new projects.

Welcome to De Alma Casa, where inspiration is always in style!

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The Approach

De Alma Casa is committed to creating exceptional, made-to-order masterpieces for living spaces that families will treasure for generations.


What sets De Alma Casa apart is our meticulous planning and creative process involving our customers. We draw inspiration from your designs and use them as the foundation for crafting your custom piece. At De Alma Casa, we seamlessly blend personalized service with creative expertise, using only the finest, environmentally friendly materials for each piece.


De Alma Casa takes immense pride in creating individual, handcrafted, high-end furniture with the client in mind. If you can envision it, we can bring it to life, whether furniture, upholstery, lighting, or any other element that will make your living space feel like home. Each envisioned piece is expertly handcrafted from start to finish by our skilled artisans, ensuring quality and timeless style that reflects deep sentiment, making each piece truly unique to you and your living space design.


De Alma Casa boasts a team of talented artisans with over 20 years of experience in design, carpentry, finishing, hand polishing, and upholstery. These artisans create each piece with pride, knowing that it will be tailored to each unique design and enjoyed by families for many years to come.


Share your one-of-a-kind vision with us, and we will transform it into a unique, handcrafted work of art.

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