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Quality, Cost, Adaptability

The Differences Between Custom Furniture and Store Bought Furniture


If you choose store-bought furniture over custom furniture you’re going to be sacrificing the quality. When you choose custom furniture you can have peace of mind knowing you’re getting a one of kind piece of furniture. The artisan will be focused on creating every aspect of your custom piece with a precision you can’t get anywhere else. Furthermore, artisans choose the materials specifically for your piece so you know what kind of materials are going into your custom piece of furniture. With store-bought furniture, you may not know what kind of materials are being used for that furniture piece.


While many people think that custom furniture will be too expensive, you can actually have the flexibility when it comes to how much you want to spend. If you have a budget, the artist behind the handmade furniture is most likely going to be able to work within that budget. On the other hand, you typically can’t negotiate prices with store-bought furniture so you have to settle for whatever fits within your budget. This may lead to you paying more for a lesser quality piece of furniture.


Custom furniture allows you to design your one of kind furniture to fit your specific needs. If you need a certain size to fit in an oddly-shaped room a handcrafted piece will work for this type of space with no problem. However, if you have a room with an unusual layout and look into store-bought furniture, you may not be able to find something that fits perfectly. Additionally, you are able to determine your custom furniture’s functional aspects. You’re able to design the furniture in a style that fits your personal tastes. Store-bought furniture can be basic and boring, but if you go the custom route you’ll be able to choose colors, stains, and fabrics that match your style.

Overall, custom is a great choice when choosing furniture. Not only is it not more expensive, but you’ll get a higher quality and more personalized piece. You can rest assured your handcrafted piece will be exactly what you want for your living space.

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