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It Takes Commitment

Working with a team of talented artisan’s always inspires me to see how much they have to offer always having a creative mind that is constantly evolving and asking what’s next and what can I bring to the table. This past week as I was looking around the shop I came across a baby walker amid all the beautiful pieces being worked on for various clients. I stopped and looked at the baby walker and said to myself this is truly a piece of art. One of the artisan’s had taken a moment to make a baby walker for a toddler that is beginning to take its first steps. What made this piece stand out was that it was made with heart and soul with sustainable wood, leather, and stained in a neutral color. It was such a unique piece that it made me realize that anything is possible if you want something special and unique to add to your lifestyle.

This is what the talented team at De Alma brings to the table thinking outside of the box. I thought the piece was so special I wanted to share it with everyone.

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